About Us 

Rev. Dan Smith started with $50.00 of his own money, his grandmother's recipe from a barbeque restaurant in Western Kentucky, and a desire to help children in need.                                                                                                            


He began cooking the recipe in the parsonage of his Webster County, Kentucky home in 1997 with the help of his wife and two     young children.  Each label was originally printed and attached by hand, and sauce was sold to family and friends.  From the beginning, they gave all the profits to the United Methodist Children's Homes of Kentucky, which cares for children all across the state.  The two young children grew up and left the nest, so Bro. Dan's mother and sister.... affectionately known across Kentucky as "The Sauce Ladies".... volunteered to help with the family project.  

Due to popular demand, Kittawa Sprangs Dippin' Sauce is now being commercially produced hundreds of gallons at a time in Louisville, Kentucky.    It  is  a genuine "Kentucky Proud" product,  and is still sold from car trunks,  festival tents,  and  churches  state-wide.  "The Dippin' Sauce"  has slowly started tempting taste buds all across the Bluegrass State, and increasingly throughout the whole southeast and beyond.

It is a versatile sauce that was originally designed for pork barbeque, but can be substituted anywhere you would use ketchup or barbeque sauce.  It is even a great steak sauce!  It gets its name from the discovery that people loved dipping all kinds of food in it.  Enthusiastic customers keep sending us their great creative ideas for recipes, which you can see by visiting the "recipes" section of our website.   Thanks to all our friends for sharing their recipe ideas for our booklet.  If YOU'VE got some good recipe ideas using Kittawa Sprangs Dippin' Sauce, let us know and we will include your recipes on our website!

We ship "The Dippin' Sauce"  in an 18 oz. plastic bottle.  The cost is $4.00 per bottle plus shipping charges.  A case contains 12 plastic bottles.  We can send you any amount you want, but it is cheapest by the dozen.

                                          SO TRY A BOTTLE OF THE ONLY SAUCE GUARANTEED TO SAVE KIDS!!


Grandma Smith  

                                                                           Bro. Dan--Annual Day at Versailles 2007



                                                                          Bro. Dan at Bill's On The Hill                                                                                    



The Kuttawa Springs is now covered by Lake Barkley, but this is what it looked like once upon a time.  As far as we know, our sauce recipe originated in a restaurant at this location.